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Dutch Course


This is my Dutch course. It's what I've put together to teach myself Dutch based on a number of free online resources. Please do this at your own risk!


In addition to this site, the following course on Memrise is used: 1000 most common words from This site is also a great grammar reference.

Lesson plan

  1. Assigned work: Level 1 of the vocabulary. Also, read about articles Exercises: practice saying good morning, good day, etc to a partner, as well as introducing yourself. Think about your pronunciation.

  2. Assigned work:: Level 2 of the vocabulary. Exercises: practice saying please and thank you when possible. There isn't much you can do with the pronouns until you learn conjugations (which you will soon!). You should also look over the Conjugation Intro to prepare for conjugating verbs.

  3. Assigned work:: Level 3 of the vocabulary. Exercises: practice the professions and adjectives by saying "Ik ben ...". For example, "Ik ben een boer". Once you're comfortable with that, you can start making use of the word "is". For example, "De visser is leuk", or "Het meisje is een slager".

  4. Assigned work:: Level 4 of the vocabulary. Exercises: use "Ik drink ..." and "Ik eet ..." to talk about food and drinks. Once you are confident in this, try using the third person, like "De man eet kip" or "De vrouw drinkt wijn".

  5. Assigned work:: Level 5 of the vocabulary. Also, read over this explanation of deze, die, dit, and dat. Exercises: try asking questions and answering them. For example, "- Wie is Matt? - Matt is de visser". Also, Try using deze/die/dit/dat, as in the examples in the reading.

  6. Assigned work:: Level 6 of the vocabulary, as well as this reading about omdat vs want. Exercises: ask where some locations are, and answer them with "daar". For example, "- Waar is de auto? - De auto is daar".

  7. Assigned work:: Level 7 of the vocabulary. Exercises

  8. Assigned work:: Level 8 of the vocabulary.